1999.11-Aesonic Electronics Co.,LTD. Was set up in guangdong dongguan;
2004.11-Aesonic Electronics Co.,LTD. Hong Kong company registered in Hong Kong;
2005.6-Audible Electronics Co.,LTD. success will be its own brand products on the market of America;
2006.5-Audible electronic co., LTD., success will be its own brand products on the market in eastern Europe;
2007.2-Formally registered dongguan Aesonic Electronics Co.,LTD. engaged in large-scale headset OEM OEM, many famous brand into our partners;
2008.3-Dongguan Aesonic Electronics Co.,LTD. Dongguan step Lao processing factory;
2010.2-Dongguan Aesonic Electronics Co.,LTD. Dongguan horizontal drain processing factory;
2011.5-Dongguan Aesonic Electronics Co.,LTD. dongguan dongcheng processing plant was established;
2012.12-Dongguan Aesonic Electronics Co.,LTD. will be moved to town dongguan shijie four armour, further expand the scale of production of production line, at the same time the production line along to bluetooth speaker products;
2013.5-Dongguan shijie factory started to import ISO9000-2008 and successfully obtained ISO9000 certificate at the end of the year.
2013.8-Dongguan Aesonic Electronics Co.,LTD. a well-known brand headphones cooperation with the United States began to ODM product development and production